Maker Spotlight: Judy Larson

Meet Judy
the making hands behind
Bent Wireworks

Stephanie: How did your creative journey begin? What was the inspiration or motivation behind starting your business?
Judy: Reworking old personal jewelry to make it up to date.

Stephanie: What is your favorite part about being a maker and owning a small business?
The sheer joy of creating something, and then having a total stranger appreciate it.

Stephanie: Who is your role model or mentor?
There are so many creative folks on Instagram, locally and as authors, and my education and inspiration comes through them.

Stephanie: What do you want your Ideal Customer to know?
I’m a good listener and willing to work with them to find/make the perfect piece, or adjust/tweak a piece to their liking.

Stephanie: What do you value? What sets you apart?
Honesty and integrity. Variety and pricing set me apart. When you come to my space, you will not see the same item endlessly remade. I am constantly told I could charge more, but I would rather stay affordable.

Stephanie: What are you most popular products or services?
Judy: Earrings, by far, and then necklaces, followed by bracelets.

Stephanie: What three key words would you use to describe your product/service or business?
Colorful. Affordable. Beautiful.

‘nough about the biz, let’s talk about YOU!


Stephanie: How do you spend your free time?
Gardening and making jewelry. I also love to read.

Stephanie: What is your indulgence?

Stephanie: Fill in the blank: "People may be surprised to know…"
I’m a great-grandmother.

where can we find you?


Facebook: BentWireworks

Instagram: @bentwireworks

Stephanie Laur