Best practices for makers

Greet Your Potential Customers

Give a smile, say hello, tell folks about your products, offer samples, and make a connection! Avoid using electronic devices while customers are in your booth. People might be put off if you’re on your phone or iPad, so keep that in mind when trying to make the most of your participation.

Enjoy the Moment

Most people’s priority is to sell their work at the Market, but also remember your work is being seen by thousands of attendees. This is your chance to make a lasting impression on a large audience, which could lead to future online sales, wholesale orders, editorial features, and other amazing opportunities.

Making Sales

We encourage you to accept credit cards at the Market. Many mobile card readers now provide offline mode capabilities for your device or tablet, which allows you to accept swiped card payments when Internet service or your connection is giving you trouble. If you sell out of a product, try offering free shipping so booth visitors can still make the purchase. Make your prices clear. Some customers are too shy to ask for prices, so consider making a easily visible sign of the prices of your items.

If you offer items in various colors, it’s nice to bring that along to the show with you, though you don’t necessarily need to have them on display. If a customer is browsing let them know you offer a certain item in various colors!

Attracting Customers

Creating a memorable experience is key to helping buyers to choose you and to remember you. Get creative with your booth and appeal to the senses of shoppers.

Sight: Decorations like lights, garlands, floral arrangements, and table displays are all inviting signals to a memorable booth.

Smell: If you can, include scents in your booth, like fresh flowers and candles to create a cozy environment for shoppers.

Stephanie Laur