Planning and preparation


Make a production plan in order to have your goods ready in time. Do you have a new line or product you’re looking to roll out at our Market? Build anticipation by doing a sneak peek or giveaway via social media.

Plan to always bring more than you think you will sell. If you sell out during the middle of the day, you miss out on opportunities the rest of the day (or weekend). Customers will shop all day long. Bring a variety of products to sell and present. What sells best one day, might not sell as well the next day. The more inventory you can bring along for the event the better. If an item sells really well, you’ll want to have plenty in stock. You might look at what has sold well at other events or online for you to determine what to bring.

Create sales goals for Rural Craft Revival, and bring enough merchandise so you can meet those goals! Remember to keep a record of your sales for Rural Craft Revival – those records can help you plan your inventory for your next show!

Sales at Markets

Consider doing a bundle sale (3 for the price of 2, etc.) or offer a small free item with a large purchase. Have a mailing list? Offer a discount for people who sign up at the Market! Have a pile of old wares that are not moving? Having a discount or a clearance box because everyone loves a sale! Include promotional materials so customers can connect after the Fair. This could be an eye-catching business card, sticker, button or post card. Keep your customers wanting more! Also, bring lots of cash to keep sales running smoothly! Some customers prefer to pay in cash, so change comes in handy.

Stay Energized

We suggest bringing plenty of water, coffee, and snacks with you to keep you energized through the duration of the Market. As mentioned, it is also helpful to bring a helper along with you to help run your booth, and hold down the fort so you can take a couple of breaks throughout the day.

Snack suggestions: something sweet (chocolate covered almonds), something healthy (edamame and apples, carrots and hummus), or something salty (olive oil chips) to cover a full range of your snacking needs! Coconut water is also a great refreshing beverage to keep at your booth.

RCR Toolbox

Some handy tools to bring to the Market:

Supplies: Safety pins, pens, sharpies, screwdrivers and screws, jute or rope, chalk, scissors, tape, rubber bands, zip ties, a notebook, and cash for making change.

Toiletries: Hand sanitizer or wet wipes, sunscreen, Ibuprofen and travel size first-aid kit.

Electronics: Square card readers, business cards, portable phone charger, and a calculator.

Clothing: A hat (for outdoor Fairs), comfy tennis shoes for the day if you need to change out of the uncomfortable ones, apron / box for keeping cash, and a table cloth.

Stephanie Laur