Wholesale and buyers

Setting Timelines

Buyers are encouraged to attend our markets, and may be making orders to stock their shops for the season. Be sure to set realistic production timelines for your staff, yourself, and for your buyers. Setting timelines will help prevent burnout and ensure buyers receive their goods as promised.

Knowing Your Quantity Limits

When taking wholesale orders, be sure to keep in mind how this will change your unit volume. Make sure to set a minimum order, either by cost or by item, to help guide your timelines and share with buyers ahead of time.

Promotional Materials

Nothing is worse than running out of business cards when meeting with potential buyers. We suggest bringing more business cards than you think you’ll need, and pass them out to all the buyers you meet. Also, bring plenty of line sheets to make orders and to stay organized. We also suggest to have as much of your product on site for buyers to view in person, but if that’s not possible, be sure to include clear product photos and keep the fonts, size of photos, and layout the same throughout your materials. View our post on photography here for tips on how to photograph your product!

Follow Through

Buyers showed interest in your work, you schmoozed with the best of ’em, and now you have future orders placed! Great, but what’s next? Show appreciation for your buyers by sending them a thank-you card in the mail, or shoot them an email with a link to your shop website to remind them of your visit together and thank them for their business. The extra personal touches will go a long way!


By definition, a linesheet is a sales sheet used by makers to provide wholesale information on products they sell. It includes images, descriptions and details on how to buy the products.  

Think of this as a template for selling your work. Buyers need to see the products, they need information on said products and they want to know a bit about you, too! They also want to see what’s new, what’s a best seller (if applicable) and how to place an order – because that’s the whole point. You want to SELL SELL SELL!

Remember that your photos or scans of your products could make or break a sale. Also include variations of your products like colors and sizes. Think of this sheet as a need-to-know piece of paper/PDF that will get your items across in a direct way.

Seasoned wholesale sellers will tell you to include policies to cover all of your bases. For example, include how returns work or what your maximum/minimum orders are.

Stephanie Laur